Digital entrepreneurship

Digitization is a concept that can no longer be ignored in today’s technological society. Traditional (paper) techniques are increasingly being exchanged for the digital – and often hippier – ‘little brother’. Within a company, too, digitizing the business is synonymous with a modern and dynamic business approach. Nowadays there are a lot of handy digital tools that can help you to optimize your business online. If you would like to take your company to a higher digital level, deJuristen advises you on the possibilities.


An e-Signature or electronic signature is the digital version of a written signature, with which you can easily and quickly sign agreements online. An electronic or digital signature exists in various forms. Scanning a handwritten signature, or even simply checking an approval box with your online purchase, are usually considered digital signatures.

Only a qualified digital signature, which must, however, meet specific conditions, produces the same legal consequences as a handwritten signature. This is the case, for example, when you use your electronic identity card with card reader to sign a contract on the Internet.


Invoicing often involves a lot of paperwork for entrepreneurs and small self-employed people. This is time consuming and not always efficient. That is why e-Invoicing or electronic invoicing makes it possible to easily send and/or receive invoices electronically. Mind you, it is not because you send your invoices to your customers via a pdf, that e-Invoicing exists.

You can only speak of electronic invoicing as soon as the entire process runs digitally via a structured and automated pattern, without the need for human intervention.


With e-Archiving or electronic archiving you can store all kinds of documents and data digitally. This is interesting because companies often have to keep important documents for a long period of time. Think of tax returns, social documents of your personnel, authentic deeds of the notary…

The digital archiving of files offers a sustainable solution for your company. However, certain digital document types can become unreadable over time. That is why an electronic archive must always meet certain requirements so that it does not compromise the authenticity of the archived documents.