e-Commerce is now really well established. Everyone has bought, sold or ordered something online before. More and more companies have their own webshop where they offer their products or services. Nevertheless, we note that owners of a webshop are not always aware of the legal obligations associated with this.

The FPS Economy has been actively monitoring webshops for a number of years now, and violations of the applicable regulations are still detected almost daily. That is why it is better to hire a good legal partner who can make your webshop legally sound.

Depending on the type of online project you want to develop, we offer different ePackages. These packages provide your webshop with the necessary legal documents. Depending on the size of your e-commerce project, there are four possibilities and therefore four price modules.

Do you already know the dJ quality label?

deJuristen puts a lot of know-how into the legal texts we draw up for your webshop. And we’re quite proud of that!

But for you it also means that you invest to give your customers just that little bit of extra comfort. Not only are your products, services and service excellent, but everything is also well-framed from a legal point of view.

That’s why with every ePackage(with the exception of Pico)we offer 1 year license to mention our quality label. And we guarantee that, in case of regulatory changes, we will take care of this for you free of charge!

Afterwards this can be extended, for a fee of €299 (for another 12 months).