The growing need for IT hardware is a fact for both governments and companies. The importance of Internet-of-Thingsand the digital transformation of companies and cities is undeniable. IT hardware and securityare essentialfor this. Our hardware contracts take your business model into account. We fine-tune hardware contracts to, for example, hardware resale, the use of a managed service provider or the different relationship between vendor and manufacturer (OEM/ODM/OGM). In this way, you can be sure that the necessary deals have been made with an eye for the risksand peculiaritiesof your company.


Contracts that regulate transactions of IT equipment primarily create a framework between the parties to be able to trust each other. This requires that the risks are in line with the operational reality. Unambiguous terms and conditions on the supply of the hardware are essential in this respect.

The customer provides the most appropriate guarantees, but also clarity regarding the installation and maintenance of the hardware. The starting point of our hardware sales and rental contracts is always to form a support base that matches the equipment in question.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware-as-a-service is a procurement model in which equipment is placed at the customer’s location, but remains the property of the MSP (managed service provider). Essential here are clear agreements on costs and service for maintenance of the equipment.

Our clearly worded conditions and SLAs can considerably simplify negotiations on the various details and thus save a lot of hassle afterwards. We always work with an eye for the supplier’s business model and/or the customer’s concerns.

Maintenance & Support

Hardware maintenance contracts regulate the maintenance of IT equipment. Scope (i.e. which hardware is maintained) and response times are essential. No customer wants to be confronted with expensive equipment that can no longer be supported due to obsolescence or lack of spare parts. Depending on the supplier’s resources, this will have a certain price tag.

Finally, it is important that parties make clear agreements about the exceptions with regard to the use of the equipment. After all, a misunderstanding in need of support can put the entire collaboration at risk.

Our jurists have the most extensive expertise in the field of IT maintenance and support and are happy to assist suppliers and customers of maintenance and support with correct and clear wording that meets the customer’s requirements.


The production of appliances always requires a careful consideration of the obligations between the producer and the customer. Think of the rights to intellectual property, brands and know-how. Depending on the quantity of goods to be produced, one usually opts for an OEM/ODM or OGM (Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer or Original Global Management).

In each case, the producer will design, produce and possibly provide additional services for certain finished products. It is therefore very useful to clarify information obligations and non-compete. A correctly designed manufacturing contract can help prevent the manufacturer from rejecting the client’s customers and thus creates conditions for an optimal and enduring cooperation.

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