IT Advisory

deJuristen offers an extensive range of legal advisory services with regard to IT sourcing, digital and ICT Public Procurement. We are happy to support CEO/COO/CFO or head of legal or in all aspects of IT contracting, Trademarks and IP in the broadest sense.

IT Sourcing

For many enterprises, IT outsourcing seems to be a holy grail for cost savings and more focus on the core business. The extensive forms of management services covered by IT sourcing include data center outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (PBO), enterprise application outsourcing, and operational services.

Our experienced IT jurists advise on the risks and challenges inherent in IT Sourcing. Think for example of supplier lock-in, which means that the customer is in fact unable to choose another supplier and thus runs the risk of missing out on the benefit of cost savings. With an eye on the pros and cons of single sourcing and multi sourcing, for example, our lawyers facilitate an optimal IT outsourcing process.


Digital technology undeniably increases a company’s efficiency and strength. As part of a well-designed digital strategy, legal is also an important part of any digital transformation. Our experts closely follow the digital revolution in law and frequently provide advice on this from a legal perspective.

Digital is a very broad concept: digital archives, electronic signatures and online platforms are just a few aspects. Sharing economy and legal tech can also be discussed here. deJuristen have extensive legal expertise with regard to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and AR/VR and the legal restrictions and repercussions thereof.

ICT Public Procurement

Government assignments are very lucrative for ICT suppliers. The strict procedures for the delivery of works, products or services do not, in principle, provide for any deviations. Thus, the law seeks to guarantee objectivity and equal treatment of tenderers. The award procedures provide that a public contract is awarded by means of competition. In doing so, the board can choose between, among other things, a tender, a request for tender or a negotiated procedure.

An essential aspect of ICT public procurement is the regulation of IP (intellectual property). Here again, the law provides for certain rights in favour of the government, in particular the use of results, know-how and mutual assistance. Our partners and experienced legal team of IT/IP jurists facilitate both the negotiation and the trotting out of the necessary documents and contracts with a view to smooth and lasting cooperation with the government.