IT Services

IT services can refer to a wide range of services. From consultancy and outsourcing to a partnership for reselling software. Regardless of the type of service, it’s worthwhile to record complex views on the service in a clear contract. This provides certainty and control over the project and provides legal redress if things go wrong, something that benefits both parties. We are happy to assist you in drawing and negotiating clear and comprehensible contracts for IT service providers.

Consultancy & Professional Services

Collaboration with consultants is a must-have for many companies and governments because of their expertise, knowledge and experience in the realization of IT projects. Suppliers of software and IT equipment often also offer consultancy as an extra option with the delivered hardware and applications.

Regardless of the use case, it is very useful to lay down the principles and conditions of cooperation in a clear and binding agreement. Our specialized legal team works out clear and precise IT contracts that take into account, among other things, the obligation to provide information and cooperation, the compensation scheme and the responsibility in the event of any damages. Finally, an adequate arrangement with regard to the (mutual) recruitment of personnel and the use of intellectual property rights is highly appropriate.


Outsourcing is a specific form of service in which the supplier will provide business functions that the customer previously performed internally. Resources such as equipment and staff are transferred from the supplier to the customer so that the customer can benefit from assistance for a particular business function.

Outsourcing provides economies of scale, cost savings and better opportunities to retain talented staff. These agreements are usually exhaustive and take into account all aspects of the relationship between the supplier and the customer. Based on their extensive experience, our partners and IT/IP jurists work out tailor-made outsourcing contracts that take into account the numerous business and legal issues involved in outsourcing.

Partnership & Reseller

A reseller/partnership agreement gives the parties certainty about the commissions and sales objectives. In the context of IT cooperation, we always recommend clear agreements regarding prior customer approval, confidentiality, liability and non-competition. A well-designed fee takes into account compensation for appealed customers after termination of the partnership and the reseller’s other concerns. Often, an IT reseller will gain insight into other partner’s code and will be able to modify the software at the request of end customers. In related partnerships, a proper intellectual property arrangement of the source code of the software is of great importance. We are happy to offer our knowledge of negotiating and designing partnership contracts in order to translate these issues into a clear contract.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

A Value Added Reseller is a specialized ICT supplier that uses its analytical expertise and creativity to grow the value of products from software and hardware suppliers. VAR contracts imply a close cooperation between the VAR and the customer. However, the methodology of the Value Added Reseller can vary enormously from supplier to supplier. We like to express this method accurately in a clear contract. It is necessary, among other things, to correctly define the division of responsibilities, regulations regarding intellectual property rights and confidentiality.