IP Advisory

Consistently, intellectual property occupies a central place in today’s business activities. Intellectual property is often one of the most valuable assets in your business. When IP assets are not effectively managed, it can affect a company’s ability to leverage competitive advantage and generate a return on investment for its IP assets.

If you wish to manage your IP assets in a consistent manner, deJuristen can help you to develop your IP strategy. deJuristen draws up a strategy that is as personal as possible, if desired, based on the results of an IP audit.

deJuristen can advise you on various matters related to IP, ranging from advice on copyrights, to helping to protect a trademark or to file an opposition. Also if you find an infringement on your intellectual property, think of someone who has copied your logo or texts from your website, deJuristen can assist you.

As we said, IP assets are very valuable. So it may well be that you want to make agreements about them with (other) companies. In that case deJuristen can act as your legal advisor, and we can conduct the negotiations for you.

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