Sometimes we have trouble explaining why a client needs that particular legal tool. Not so in trademark law: after all, the extraordinary and immense importance of trademark registration speaks for itself. As an entrepreneur, you are working daily to strengthen your company’s reputation. Protect them and have your trademark registered.

Trademark law allows you to protect your (trade) name or logo permanently. No more worries about competitors, just security and peace of mind. We manage and monitor your trademark and registration, and you continue to focus on your business, without worries.

Exactly how does this work? Well, first of all, you choose the geographic area in which you operate (or in which your brand is known). After all, you can choose between a Benelux, European or international trademark. A registration is immediately valid for ten years and cannot be changed (at least as far as the name and region are concerned). So it’s a good idea to think beforehand about the area in which you want to use your trademark.

Depending on the area in which you are looking for protection, there are two standard options. You can opt for a Benelux trademark, which costs € 850 for ten years, or for a European trademark, for which the price is € 1950, of course also for 10 years. If you want protection outside Europe, we will consult with you because each country has different registration costs.

In any case: our price guarantees you a full service: not only the filing of the application and the payment of the registration fees, but above all a preliminary class examination (for which category of goods or services do you want protection?) and a comparative trademark examination (are there no earlier similar trademarks that could later prove to be a problem for the registration of your trademark?). But also the complete follow-up of the communication with the trademark office, from filing to publication and finally registration, is included in the price. And on top of that, you’ll get 1 year of trademark monitoring (we’ll check for you if no similar applications are filed later that could cause damage to your trademark). Admit it: you won’t get a better deal anywhere!

And we go even further: if the trademark search shows that a successful registration is uncertain, and you decide to stop the procedure, you will only receive an invoice for the research hours (not for the registration fee). So we only charge when we can actually do something for you.