Data Protection Officer

The GDPR allows your organization to appoint an external DPO (also known as the Data Protection Officer). Our DPO-as-a-Service ensures that your organization complies with the GDPR in a practical and cost-effective manner and acts in accordance with the GDPR best practices.

For some organizations it is mandatory to appoint a DPO, but for companies that are not obliged to do so, it is still advisable to consider this. This gives a clear signal that you take privacy and data protection seriously. In addition, it ensures a positive image of your company.

Even if your organization has already appointed an internal DPO, we can support your DPO with regard to legal aspects and keep the DPO up to date on (new) legislation.

Advantages external DPO

  • Our experts have the right expertise regarding the GDPR;
  • no risk of conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities;
  • your organization does not need to invest in training an internal employee to become a DPO and is therefore cost effective.

DPO-as-a-Service services

  • Provide general advice and information with respect to obligations under the GDPR;
  • provide advice in relation to a Data Protection Impact Assessment and monitor its implementation;
  • assisting with the implementation of principles of Privacy by Design & Default;
  • train employees in the GDPR and ensure privacy awareness;
  • Act as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for the supervisory authority for your organization;
  • Support with the establishment of a processing register;
  • enter into processing agreements with relevant parties of your company and monitor the process.