Intelligent Legal Rebels

Who are deJuristen?

deJuristen is a contemporary niche legal firm, and very proud of its unique pioneering role in Internet law on the Belgian market. As rebellious legal experts, our people combine their legal know-how with specific domain knowledge and innovative insights.

We stand for an open and transparent service that aims to provide a usable solution. Our creative approach continues to build on a thorough understanding of your problem, in which our hands-on partners remain closely involved throughout the entire process.

The team of deJuristen has its home base in Ghent and is led by Kris Seyen.

Question or legal conflict? We are ready with clear, to-the-point and useful advice.

What do deJuristen do?

You can contact deJuristen for all questions concerning IT (Information Technology or Information Technology),IP (Intellectual Property or Intellectual Property), Privacy, and e-Compliance.

Our rebellious legal experts advise large companies, SMEs, start-ups, liberal professions and the self-employed. This means, among other things, that we can make readable, transparent and usable contracts for you, register your brand or logo in the Benelux and far beyond, familiarise you with the rules surrounding GDPR, or assist you in making your new webshop legally flawless.

deJuristen continuously strives for the same finality: a thorough focus on the 4 core domains, an excellent sharp insight, and a business acumen from which the client benefits. This makes deJuristen what it is today: an exceptional and striking legal niche office.


Technology is an integral part of our society. The speed of technological developments and their impact on our daily lives cannot be overestimated. Opposite this innovative, disruptive world of thought is the unwieldy inertia of the regulator and the risk-averse world of those who have to apply the rules.

What about copyrights on creations by artificial intelligence? How do we regulate the liability of autonomous systems such as self-propelled cars? What rights can you claim on big data? How does my right to privacy relate to other rights?

deJuristen want to build a bridge here by embracing technology, with an eye for new legal systems and how these can give direction to technological developments.

Get to know our team

Kris Seyen


About Kris

Kris brings 25 years of legal and business experience to deJuristen.
Through training in law, but also in policy and business informatics, he enjoys advising in technology-oriented matters such as IP, privacy and digital transformation. His transactional experience in various sectors allows him to perfectly assess the needs of the entrepreneur.


Jolien Beyens

Sr. Legal Adviser & e-compliance Chair

About Jolien

Her thorough sense of legal research and the knowledge she has acquired in her Advanced Master in ICT law and Intellectual Property makes Jolien take the lead when complex innovation cases arise. Trained at the bar and with experience as a corporate lawyer in a large legal department, Jolien ensures that all stakeholders are addressed internally and externally.


Sarah Dello

Sr. Legal Adviser & IP/IT Chair

About Sarah

Sarah brings many years of experience as a legal advisor in various sectors, including software and ICT, pharma, and biotech. To her, working around innovation and technology means striving for perfectly balanced agreements and a pragmatic approach. Her clear communication style ensures that a bridge is built between law and technology.


Duygu Öztürk

Legal Adviser & Privacy Chair

About Duygu

In the slipstream of the focus on Privacy today, there are a hundred and one constantly evolving rules. Duygu succeeds in constantly evolving, and with the necessary attention to the needs of the company, in coming up with pragmatic solutions where necessary, and in clearly assessing and explaining the risks.


Sofie Moore

Legal Adviser

About Sofie

Sofie is passionate about intellectual property law and is completely absorbed in trademark law. Her broad interests in (visual) art, music and dance make her the ideal interlocutor for creatives who call on theJurists.


Emilia Seyen


About Emilia

Emilia studies at the Arteveldehogeschool. She is a creative thinker and passionate about social media and marketing. She supports the digital presence of theJurists, while also following up the management of the trademark portfolio for our clients.


Larissa De Keyser

Legal Adviser

About Larissa

Larissa is driven by a technological view of legal developments within our society. Her expertise in privacy and data protection is therefore perfectly complemented by her interest in information security. Larissa’s skills therefore come into their own perfectly within the privacy team at deJuristen!



Chloë Vanderstraeten

Legal Adviser

about Chloë

Chloë has (literally) a broad view of the world. After her exchange project in New Zealand, where she was introduced to common law, she delved into consumer law – the focus for companies operating in B2C in e-Commerce. Within deJuristen, she will also follow up and develop the domain of e-Compliance, with numerous (European) legislative initiatives, and translate them into support for our clients.



Judith Fierens

Legal Adviser

about Judith

With her undergraduate thesis on the privacy aspects of the e-Health platform and a master’s thesis on artificial intelligence and gender discrimination, Judith is right in the eye of what deJuristen is all about today: the development of law in conjunction with technology. Judith’s clear communication style and solution-oriented thinking is therefore an asset to use for the entrepreneurs who call on deJuristen!


Romeo Van Overbeke


about Romeo

Your name here?

Your name here?

Are you an enterprising lawyer and would you like to write our story with us? Then contact us quickly at!


Herwig Huysmans, General Manager Conundra:

Kris and his team at deJuristen have long supported Conundra in complex projects. Their commitment is characterized by detailed knowledge of ICT contracts, in which they have often played a crucial role in the conclusion of demanding contracts. Their assessment and perspective provides a special insight into the challenge of legal risks and the practical implementation in managing them.

Bert Six, manager Artoso:

At Artoso we build solutions for our customers. When more than 100,000 students from the Flemish art academies use our platform, it is essential that this is done under the right conditions, so that everyone can do this safely and comfortably. deJuristeners have listened to our needs, actively thought about scenarios, and developed a legal framework that supports our platform.

Celine Buysse, manager Bureau Blanc :

At Bureau Blanc, we want our clients to enjoy the creations we make for them carefree. At deJuristen we have found a partner who pursues exactly the same goal. The team advises in the early design phase, takes care of the registration of an entire portfolio of trademarks, and successfully protects them against infringements!

Sabine Fandino, CFO Dries Van Noten:

When Dries Van Noten took the decision to also provide a webshop for various stores in Antwerp, Paris and Los Angeles, we found deJuristen to be the ideal partner to switch quickly and take care of the legal foundation. The team demonstrates a solid knowledge of the do’s and don’ts while being open to the practical challenges and needs of the entrepreneur.