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Our society is highly dependent on information technology. Hardware and software are becoming more and more diverse, both in their technological capabilities and in the business models in which they are marketed. Computer law is trying to keep up with this, offering solutions to challenges that have long surpassed the classic sales, licensing and maintenance model of hardware and software: how do we deal with Software-as-a-Service, Cloud, blockchain? What challenges do we find in Big Data applications and how do we deal with Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Whether we rely on a familiar framework when implementing IT solutions, or whether we enter new paths: it remains essential to make good agreements and record them clearly. Even where a word is a word, and partners confidently embark on a project, it is unrealistic (and even unwise) to proceed without goodIT agreements.

At deJuristenwe share your desire for certainty and simplicity. . Unfortunately, we often see unnecessarily complex and ill-considered similarities: sadly enough, they only offer a false sense of security. So it’s about time for readable, useful IT contracts!

We are well aware of the fact that contracts are not immediately perceived as particularly exciting. However, they often arrange a lot more than you think about yourself. Being aware of the details in these contracts makes every (IT) entrepreneur more resilient when negotiating and concluding agreements. The most efficient way to get to this point is to use legal experts who (also) speak your language!

In order to fully understand IT contracts, you need to refer back to general contract law, in which the basics and principles are expressed. Matters such as informed consent, competence and authority, formal requirements, unilateral or multi-sided agreement, wrongful act and many more are among these basic principles.

Once you have gained sufficient understanding of these principles, you can take the leap into specialist IT contracts, such as SLAs (service level agreements), software licenses, Cloud & SaaS (Software as a Service), Escrow’s, ASP (Application Service Provider), and much more (it is now an endless list). For a clear overview, below you will find an overview per contract, as divided into two main categories: hardware and software contracts.

In addition to drawing up clear IT contracts that meet the wishes and concerns of the customer, we also offer advisory services. Our legal advisoryservices with regard to IT sourcing, digital and IT Public Procurement are further explained below.

Needless to say: acquiring a certain understanding in these niche contracts is far from simple, but undeniably rewarding in your company or office.

Note: above may sound a bit theoretical, here at deJuristenwe go for understandable, clearand moderncontracts. No lengthy pages full of unintelligible scribbling, but readable and accessible language. In this way you not only convince your opponent, but also yourself. Not only do we have to understand what it’s all about, your understanding of it is a lot more important.

And we almost forgot: you are not alone. Our jurists will negotiate with your opposing party whenever necessary. No aggressive practices, but agreeing on a clear framework in a correct atmosphere. After all, that is ultimately what contracts stand for: clinching your future collaboration.

Finding your way back into the jumble of rules and legislation is far from self-evident. We are happy to help you move forward, and save you from complicated questions or unreadable scribbles.

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