Intellectual Property

Every individual has an idea about property, especially when it comes to material goods. In our information society, however, a lot of value is also created by things that are not immediately tangible! Indeed, the knowledge of our entrepreneurs produces creations that are economically important and therefore protected by law: for these “creations of the mind“, there is a whole set of rules within the law of intellectual property. These rules give you, temporarily and for a certain territory, an exclusive exploitation right.

You can therefore contact deJuristen for advice regarding this intellectual property, including copyrights, trademark protection, design protection, i-depot and domain names.

Creative minds : at deJuristen we put you in our hearts. Even though literary and artistic work is mostly about art, you must also be able to live from it. So we provide you with good contracts so that you can monetize your copyright in a safe way. And that goes especially for developers and creatives!

Do you invest in the development and promotion of your own identity as an entrepreneur, or your product or service? Think about the protection of your trade name, trademark, and domain name in a timely manner. It would be a pity if one day all your efforts fall into the water because of a hijacker on the coast!

Starting a registration for a trademark seems easy – however, building a strong and powerful trademark is by no means a matter of course. We like to help you move forward, and keep you from a false sense of comfort. Also in the legal framework of your business: clear and unambiguous contracts, so you can fully concentrate on what really matters!

Like to be free of worries? Together we write a beautiful success story. Convinced? Then don’t wait any longer, and see how we can help you.

your creation is valuable

What we offer


Anyone who is creative is confronted with copyright!


The name of your product, company or service may be protected under trademark law.


Unfortunately, you can’t let an idea in itself be protected. However, you can have it recorded in a register, so that you can prove that you were the first.

Designs & Models

The design and model rights gives you the possibility to protect your 2D and 3D views.

Domain names

Your domain name is the access to your business. What if your wanted domain name is already in the hands of someone else?

IP Advisory

Intellectual Property occupies a central place in business activities. A good strategy will therefore protect and grow its value.

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