Privacy Advisory

deJuristen can advise and guide your organization to better understand the nature of the personal data you are processing and help you navigate through the legal and regulatory complexities of the GDPR.

The Privacy Advisory services are customized services and provide practical solutions to help your organization effectively and efficiently meet the requirements of the GDPR.


  • privacy rules have common ground with other rules, such as portrait rights: how do you deal with that?
  • What about complaints from individuals or questions from the supervisory authorities?


Tailor-made for your organization, deJuristen can provide training to increase “privacy awareness” or provide guidance on the implementation of the elaborated procedures.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

The DPIA is a tool to identify the privacy risks of data processing in advance. And then to be able to take measures to reduce the risks.

If you are thinking of a new product, service or business strategy in which personal data play an important role, deJuristen can assist you in drawing up the DPIA!


Is your organization confronted with privacy related documents from customers or suppliers?

Do you have a project in which you need to conclude processing agreements with your customers on a large scale?

Let our experts relieve you of your worries!